Aviation and Airline Communications

Airport Communications and control centers use wide range of communications systems including voice, high speed data, low speed data (asynchronous and synchronous), Ethernet. MaxOm Pct. Ltd. offers wide range of Airport Communications equipment including 

  • HF, VHF & UHF Communication 

  • TP IEEE-1588v2 Synchronization solutions

  • GPS Primary Reference Clocks

  • NTP Servers

  • E1 PDH Multiplexers with low speed data (asynchronous and synchronous) for Radar and Air Traffic Control communications

  • 1+1 Protection Switching equipment for critical network redundancy.

Our Communication Partners

MaxOm's technical team has got vast experience in design an implementation of communication equipment, which include :-
  • ATC control equipment

  • Air to Ground HF, VHF & UHF Radio equipment

  • Trunk Radio system 

  • One to one PTT communication

  • iDEN communication etc..

We do provide Airport Communications equipment with installation and maintenance, which include ATC controls and navigation.